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Hot Scripts is the most popular web resource directory, but is not the only one. This is a list of 100+ best websites who provides free scripts written in following language: PHP, ColdFusion, MySQL, Python, HTML, AJAX, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Java.

  1. Hot Scripts – Hot Scripts is the net’s largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal.
  2. SourceForge – is is one of world’s largest Open Source applications and software directory.
  3. – maintains a huge list of ready to use scripts and development tools to assist programmers to create dynamic content for their internet and intranet projects.
  4. PHP Classes – PHP Classes Repository is one of the world’s largest repository of PHP classes from which you can download many innovative application classes to develop your own application.
  5. – listings include PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Ajax, Java, Python, ASP, XML, and Flash scripts and components.
  6. 321webmaster – 321webmaster is the ultimate webmaster resource directory.
  7. Codango – Codango provides a place where web developers from around the world come to share opinions about web development products, services, and resources.
  8. – ScriptsBank is a database website listing free php scripts, asp scripts, cgi scripts, javascript, and hosted scripts.
  9. Gscripts – is a fast growing directory of free php scripts such as php forums, CMS , e-commerce solutions and many other open source scripts.
  10. Big Webmaster – Big webmaster resources is a large organized webmaster directory of scripts, programs, and other tools to help webmasters.
  11. FreshOne – FreshOne is a fresh PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript, ASP.NET, ASP Scripts Directory.
  12. Best PHP Scripts – Best PHP Scripts offers a lot of PHP Scripts carefully organized in Different Categories for easy retrieval.
  13. – If you are a PHP programmer it could be very difficult to find good quality open source scripts from millions of scripts.
  14. PHP Scripts Directory – PHP Scripts Directory is an advanced directory of PHP scripts. Submit and find your script at PHP Scripts Directory.
  15. – is a free Programming Internet Directory that compiles and distributes Web Programming.
  16. Hot PHP Scripts – Hot PHP Scripts is a categorized PHP script collection rated free and commercial scripts.
  17. SiteScripts – SiteScripts is the web developers script portal, containing PHP scripts, ASP scripts, Javascripts and resources for web masters, web developers and programmers.
  18. Advancescripts – Advancescripts is a collection of PHP Scripts, CGI Scripts, Javascripts and Ajax resources for web masters, programmers and web developers.
  19. ScriptCopy – is a resource for PHP clone scripts of popular websites.
  20. – is a place where you will find a categorized listing of free php scripts, php resources, php tutorials, web resources, php hosting and more.
  21. ScriptDungeon – The Script Dungeon is a directory of free ASP scripts, free PHP scripts, free Java scripts, free tools and utilities.
  22. Scripts Gateway – Scripts Gateway is a web catalog that combines web development related resourses.
  23. User Scripts – User Scripts is home to thousands of free scripts that enhance the sites you already use.
  24. PHP Scripts Download – PHP Scripts Download offers you a collection of free open source php scripts and much more.
  25. Free Flash Scripts – Free Flash Scripts is a resource of flash scripts, frameworks, libraries and tutorials which are free and come also with source codes.
  26. ScriptsDownload – is a free scripts directory which compiles and distribues web programming related resources.
  27. The Script Library – The Script Library provide a central location for free scripts of many languages including PHP, Javascript, Perl, Python and others.
  28. Clonepages – Clonepages allows anyone to use the largest clone scripts PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal.
  29. CGIScript-Directory.Com – CGIScript-Directory.Com contains links to scripts written in Perl, PHP, ASP, Java, JavaScript and other languages.
  30. ScriptsMatrix – ScriptsMatrix is a directory of hundreds of PHP, Perl scripts and web resources.
  31. Webmaster Scripts – WebmasterScripts is the ultimate online webmaster resources with thousands of scripts, web development and promotion tools for everyone.
  32. Great Scripts – Great Scripts is a web development and script directory, that lists web programming related resources for webmasters.
  33. – CodingCoding is the place of thousands scripts, tools, and tutorials for free download.
  34. The Scripts Directory – is a collection of web resources aimed at providing unlimited resources to internet programmers and developers.
  35. Open Source Scripts – is a directory of open source scripts.
  36. ScriptsDesk – ScriptsDesk is a resource web portal and has the collection of best scripts for many languages.
  37. CloneScript – CloneScript is a popular website clone script directory with site clones like Youtube, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr and more.
  38. iGeneric Scripts – iGeneric Scripts is the home of iG Shop free shopping cart software, iG Whois free Perl and PHP whois script and other scripts.
  39. – InfoScripts provides a comprehensive Scripts Resource and Scripts Directory for programmers.
  40. 1 PHP Scripts – 1PHPScripts is 1st php scripts and free PHP scripts directory.
  41. Script Resource – lists websites that offer valuable scripts for website management and submission.
  42. CodeJunction – CodeJunction is a Software Directory of business applications, web applications, applications.
  43. – ComputerScripts is a web script directory for webmasters.
  44. HotScripts – is a webmasters scripts directory on Web ASP Scripts, PHP Scripts, CGI Scripts, Coldfusion Scripts and JSP Scripts.
  45. Resource Index – Resource Index is the place of hundreds of ready-to-use PHP and Perl programs for your web site.
  46. – is the best scripts resource directory available on internet.
  47. ClickitScripts – Clickitscripts is a PHP, ASP, Java and PERL script directory for webmasters.
  48. Script Locker – Script Locker is the first place to look for free CGI scripts of all languages.
  49. – JavaFile is the place of over 600 free Java and Javascripts to download and use.
  50. Total Scripts – provides easy access to thousands of commercial and free php scripts.
  51. Download ASP Scripts – Download ASP Scripts is the best place for download ASP scripts.
  52. Need Scripts – Need Scripts providing reviews, articles and information related to ASP,, PHP, Perl and more.
  53. AllTheScripts – AllTheScripts is a online directory providing the place for compiling and distributing web programming-related resources.
  54. devScripts – DevScripts is a Web Development Scripts Directory created specifically for web developers at all levels of expertise.
  55. Scripts Finder – is a free Programming Internet Directory that compiles and distributes Web Programming related Resources.
  56. Script Wiz – is the best place to find free scripts, and programs as well as purchasable scripts to improve your website or toolchest.
  57. – is the premier ActionScript developer community online for Flash and Flex users.
  58. WebmasterEngine.Com – WebmasterEngine.Com consists of thousands of Articles, links to design tools, services, scripts, extras and other webmaster resources.
  59. Clone Script Copy – CloneScript is a premium PHP scripts Directory of Popular Web 2.0 Websites.
  60. – is a free PHP ASP MySQL CGI Perl Java JavaScript and XML scripts directory.
  61. PHP Yellow Pages – PHP Yellow Pages is a script directory of PHP scripts and programs.
  62. Perfect Scripts – Perfect Scripts is the ultimate webmaster resource scripts collections for PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript, CFML and ASP scripts.
  63. Scripts Gator – Scripts Gator is the fastest growing PHP, CGI, Perl, Javascript, ASP, Ruby, Python and CFML script portal.
  64. FreePHPDirectory – Free PHP Directory is your online source to find free, open source PHP scripts and programs.
  65. PHP Scripts – PHPScripts is the fastest growing PHP, CGI, Perl, Javascript, ASP, Ruby, Python and CFML script portal.
  66. phpGROUND – is a PHP scripts archive and can help you to make your web site more interactive.
  67. cgiExpo – is a directory of CGI scripts, PHP scripts, and JavaScript scripts for dynamic content.
  68. info4php – info4php is a free php scripts directory with over 5000 PHP scripts for you.
  69. – is a scripts ASP, C/C++, Perl, PHP, Java, and JavaScript directory.
  70. The – The is a resource directory filled with hundreds of CGI and webmaster related resources.
  71. – is a Web Development Resources: Hosting, Scripts, Tools, Tutorials, Web Design.
  72. PHP Open Source Scripts – PHP Open Source Scripts facilitate to download the open source scripts, these scripts are reliable and easy to downloadable.
  73. EvernewScripts – The Evernew Scripts is a directory of free ASP scripts, free PHP scripts, free CGI scripts, free seo tools and web utilities.
  74. – has a huge collection of ASP, PHP, CGI Scripts, articles and tutorials.
  75. – is a directory with scripts, programming languages​​, programs, webmaster tools and more.
  76. – is one of the largest website for free and commercial PHP scripts.
  77. – is a free online scripts and resources directory.
  78. – is a webmaster resources section where you will find free online tools and web articles and tips.
  79. PHP Script Search – PHP Script Search is a php script directory that contains a collection of php scripts that you can use for your website.
  80. Demof – Demof is a free online scripts and resources directory.
  81. – provide a script directory, classifieds, tools, information, sales, demos,asp, java, php, html, cold fusion and more.
  82. Coding PHP Ground – PHP Coding Ground is free php scripts, mySQL, tutorials, Shared Codes, Ebooks, Webmaster Resources Directory.
  83. – is aimed at internet programmers and developers.
  84. PHPKode – is a free PHP source code, script, project, program for HTML, Blog, CMS, directory.
  85. The Perl Archive – Perl Archive offers a comprehensive listing of Perl programs, forums to discuss Perl and webmaster issues.
  86. Website Scripts – Website Scripts is a place with free script downloads, help forum, and load of other free script stuff.
  87. PHP Clone Script – PHP Clone Script is a website with lastest php clone scripts
  88. Scripts Day – ScriptsDay is the fastest growing PHP, CGI, Perl, Javascript, ASP, Ruby, Python and CFML script portal.
  89. CGI Extremes – CGI Extremes is dedicated to providing an accurate and up to date database of CGI Scripts with thorough descriptions, user feedback and ratings.
  90. FATScripts – providing useful resources for programmers, web developers, and webmasters, including scripts, programs, and tools.
  91. Scripts Softpedia – WebScripts Softpedia is a free scripts downloads directory.
  92. scriptbrasil – Script Brasil is the largest scripts portal for webmasters, programmers in Portuguese language.
  93. Perlmasters – Perlmasters is a free immense database of cgi scripts written in perl.
  94. EZGoal Scripts – EZGoal Scripts is a Web Design sql scripts php scripts java javascripts directory.
  95. Scripts Portal – is a Search Engine for Webmasters and Programmers looking for cgi scripts, web tools, software and programming information.
  96. SourceCodeOnline – SourceCodeOnline is a free source code and scripts downloads directory.
  97. SCRIPTads – Script Ads is a web-programming based script resource site. Advertise your scripts for free.
  98. – VCL Components is component library for programming languages.
  99. roScripts – roScripts is the place where you find the best programming scripts, articles, tutorials, jobs, resources and code snippets.
  100. Scriptary – Scriptary is the new code library for scripts & snippets of PHP, MYSQL, Javascript and more.
  101. ScriptPlazza – ScriptPlazza is the net’s largest collection of scripts free and commercial, php scripts, and web softwares for webmasters.

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