Website Thumbnails (also known as PagePix, thumbshots, snapshots, or previews) are screenshots of web pages that let you easily recognize and identify a site.

Adding screenshots to your webpages is perhaps the most efficient way in make data presentation more attractive to your visitors.

There are many options available on the internet to create your own website thumbnails. This is a list of 21 best free website thumbnail generator websites.

Top 22 Free Website Thumbnail Generation Services

  1. websnapr lets you capture screenshots of any web page. Allow your visitors to instantly visualize any web page before clicking.
  2. ShrinkTheWeb is the most powerful, free website screenshot provider for your website.
  3. WebShots pro is a service for webmasters to include advanced website screenshot technology on their websites.
  4. thumbalizr is a free online web thumbnail generator. Online and API interfaces have been improved with some new features and better data handling.
  5. Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different operating systems and browsers.
  6. Bluga WebThumb provides a white-label web service API for generating web thumbnails and full size snapshots of websites.
  7. iWEBTOOL Thumbnails is a free service allowing websites to have thumbnails of their links. This allows web users to preview a website before visiting it.
  8. W3Snapshot creates snapshots and screenshots of almost any web page. Free unlimited thumbnails for your website.
  9. Thumboo! help you to display high-quality website thumbnails on your site with our easy to drop-in php or java code.
  10. webprev is a free online service that offers to get website previewed images instantly.
  11. FreeWebsiteThumbnails will automatically load the requested web page in a browser at 1280×768 resolution and shrink it down to 240×144.
  12. MegaSnaps allow your visitors to see a website thumbnail before clicking its link.
  13. is the fast-growing online website thumbnail generator service and the goal is to provide high quality services at very competitive prices.
  14. is a free online service for those who understand Japanese.
  15. SiteThumbshot provides webmasters, developers and users with simple online access to capture screen or website thumbnail of almost any web page.
  16. MozShot is a web site thumbnail service and take screenshot of any URL using Mozilla Firefox.
  17. webscreenshots provides you an easy and quick way to grab web page screenshots like Digg or stumbleupon, in a professional way.
  18. ThumbnailsPro is a one step process to generate and display website thumbnails to your web visitors.
  19. Picoshot is a website thumbnail provider and offers thumbnails for free at 120×90 pixels.
  20. Webshot display screenshots of websites and can create webshots instantly.
  21. mythumbshot lets you capture screenshots of (almost) any web page. Visualize instantly any web page.
  22. pagepeeker is a fast and free website thumbnail generator with a rendering time of 5-30 seconds for most of requests.

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    Sizes from 75×56 – 1024×768

    Many features to choose from.
    And the thumbnails is provisioned immediately.
    Includes subdirectorys as well.

  2. Checking this list, In think that is the best, they offer unlimited free thumbnails and for 3.99 you get 100k images up to full page.!

  3. Another useful service is “Screenshot machine” at

  4. Useful site @marek, thanks for sharing!

  5. its a great collection, but do you know about any free website screenshot generator script to run in own server?

  6. Hi ,here is a new good Service :

    …with Sizesettings and Quality Settings:
    s=80×60 |m=150×100 |l=500×400 |sl=600×500 |xl=800×600
    sxl=900×700 |xxl=1024×760

    Quality: 1-100%

  7. I think you are missing one of the best free thumbnail generators on the market! GrabzIt ( they are very fast and free, and offer API’s in seven programming languages including JavaScript. Also their screenshots are highly customizable allowing you to take screenshots from different locations add custom water marks and more.

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