Ajax Product Infinite Scroll Extension for Magento 2


When a visitor lands on your store, they want to find the product they are looking for as quickly as possible. They might switch between different category pages or product search pages. The study by Baymard found that 50% of the eCommerce stores had poor and difficult site navigation which made it difficult for users to find the desired products. So, to improve this condition of your Magento store and enhance the user experience, you must have to implement a quick solution that helps customers to navigate through your store effortlessly. If you have a large inventory or long list of products, you need a solution that can load the other products as you scroll down.
Mconnect AJAX Product Infinite Scroll Extension for Magento 2 takes place of default pagination that loads products on that category or search page automatically while scrolling down till it reaches to the end. The extension also allows you to have a button instead of the scroll down. Once the end of the products is reached on the page, the extension will hide show more button. It can be enabled for all the category and product search pages or either one if you need. Due to the integration with AJAX, the page wonโ€™t refresh or reload while fetching the products when scrolling down. The extension is SEO friendly, has lazy load capability, and improves the user experience significantly.

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