Amazon Flipkart Clone Script


The eCommerce industry has been exhibiting significant growth in recent years. One of the significant factors that lure customers to the platform is the convenience it provides. The younger generation has always been enticed by the benefits and offers. If you are an entrepreneur with plans to step into this sector, now would be the perfect time to get started.

Here are some of the popular monetization streams that you can integrate into your Amazon clone app.
Subscription fee:

You can provide membership options with benefits like free deliveries and faster deliveries for users. Membership fees can be an effective way to boost your overall revenue.

Advertising model:
Advertisements are one of the popular revenue streams that can guarantee you a regular stream of income. You can join hands with other business owners to display their ads and charge them based on the type of content.

Commission fee:
The commission fee model is used by every major service provider in this niche. Entrepreneurs can earn a fixed percentage of money as a commission fee for every purchase made through the app.

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