Article Recommendation


Articles are a form of communication, intended to win the heart of target audience with credible information that creates brand awareness. If you own a Joomla that publishes potential articles, Article Recommendation is a must have Joomla plugin. Article Recommendation allows users to view the next article while reading a article.

Once installed, The Article Recommend feature gets placed at bottom-right side of the page displaying the next article title and description in a light popup box with effective styles. When you click on the title, it displays the selected article. It allows the users to view or read the articles in efficient manner. The Article Recommend extension helps the readers to view the next article to visitors (article readers)in a recommend box pop up. This Joomla extension allows the admin to set the pop-up box position, i.e. The recommended box can be placed in any one of three positions Top right, Bottom left and Bottom right.

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