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AutoVideoScript can run by its self or used with an existing web site. AutoVideoScript is an easy way to ad value to your existing web site. Videos are a great way to bring visitors back to your site. Since AutoVideoScript can be configured for any niche you can use it for any web site. Let AutoVideoScript add value to your existing web site.

Ever notice when you log onto Youtube you is there for hours. Your visitors will be the same way because site will display videos that they want to watch (or videos they are interested in). They can even send links to your site to their friends.
Your visitors will be able to view your site in their own language, search for videos they are interested in.

How does it work?

All the videos are retrieved from Youtube. That’s right; you can harness the power of Youtube to your advantage. Thousands of videos are upload on Youtube everyday and those videos are available automatically. Now you know how AutoVideoscript is set it and forget video script. You can also display all the videos you uploaded yourself. You can get a list of videos based on keywords, videos that have been uploaded by an individual user, videos on a playlist and standard Youtube feeds.

You don’t have to be Conan to harness the power of Youtube. AutoVideoScript takes the power of Youtube and wraps in a simple easy to use video script. Make Youtube work for you.

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