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Nowadays Q&A websites are becoming very popular, many people find them to be a better choice for building online communities than a traditional web forum.

This is a extensive List of 20+ Best Q&A Scripts who can help you to create your website like Yahoo! Answers, Stackoverflow, Blurtit, Quora or Answerbag.

1. Question2Answer

Question2Answer (Q2A) is a popular open source Q&A solution, already in use on 2,379 sites in 33 languages. It is built on the standard PHP/MySQL platform, and runs safe and fast.

2. Lampcms

Lampcms is an full-featured Open Source Question and Answers web program with deep integration with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger and soon LinkedIn APIs.


OSQA is the free, open source Q&A system you’ve been waiting for. Your OSQA site is more than just an FAQ page, it is a full-featured Q&A community. Users earn points and badges for useful participation, and everyone in the community wins.

4. Question Answer Script

Question Answer Script is a solution for those who are looking for a platform where visitors can ask question & answer them.

5. Anova

Anova is a very-easy to install turnkey software that let you get started with your answering site in a few minutes.

6. Shapado

Shapado is a free, libre and open source Q&A platform.

7. Coordino

Coordino allows you to create a question and answer system for you and your users to enjoy.

8. AlstraSoft AskMe

AlstraSoft AskMe can help you to start your own highly profitable expert advice script just like Google Answers where experts can share knowledge to users.

9. PHPancake

PHPancake is a questions and answers system, where the validity of the questions and their answers is determined and moderated by the community by a voting system.

10. Answerbase

Answerbase allows you to add a Q&A community on your website in just a couple of minutes. The Q&A platform enables the visitors on your website to ask questions, and get relevant answers.

11. Famous Questions CMS

Famous Questions CMS help you to Own and master a collaboratively edited Questions and Answers website.

12. Ndotsolution

Ndotsolution is a Question and Answer Service script, which helps the users in finding answers to all their questions posted.

13. OpenOverflow

OpenOverflow is an open source Question and Answer application that is inspired by

14. stacked

stacked is an Open Source implementation of a similar system to – basically an advanced questions/answers management system for support, forums, FAQs and similar systems.

15. Qwench

Qwench is a PHP/mySQL based clone.

16. BellaBuzz

BellaBuzz is an Ask n Answer script . It is simple to install and easy to customise, running on flat files instead of a complex MySQL database.

17. Askbot

Askbot is a open source Q&A system, like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and some others.

18. Cahoots!

Cahoots! is a community-building platform written in PHP, and designed for encouraging interaction and Q&A in a technically-oriented community.

19. ask_rave

ask_rave is a free question and answer script, also known as an ask and answer script.

20. SOClone

SOClone is a Django-based Stack Overflow clone.

21. Solace

Solace is a fully open-sourced multilingual support and knowledge exchange platform written in Python.


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  1. Its Really true. Now a days people are depending more on all kind of Q/A websites.

    Come to Yahoo answer website is more popular now a days.

  2. Hi Sukumar Jena,

    You are absolutely correct, Users are more time spending Q/A answer websites.

    Yahoo is best on them.


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