Bigbasket Clone


Are you an entrepreneur eyeing to make your presence in the exponentially-growing grocery delivery sector right away? Reach out to Turnkeytown, who can help you out in developing an end-to-end Bigbasket like app. Our solutions are incredibly cost-effective, time-conserving, and highly scalable. The app comes with a feature-packed front-end and a robust back-end.

The reign of the online world is remarkably customer-centric, and if your service is not compatible with this notion, it will surely become obsolete. Convenience has transcended the nature of the food industry as consumers increasingly favor on-demand applications for their everyday supply of food.

Want to dive into a lucrative market that sees perennial profitability? The distribution of online grocery is your niche! How do you mobilize this enormous surge in demand? Don’t worry; that’s where the BigBasket clone comes in. With an array of innovative features wrapped around an immersive UI, it’s your choice to make a mark in a grocery delivery silo.

BigBasket Clone Sales Model

Fee of the Commission
Possibly the most reliable source of revenue. Business owners earn a significant sum as a commission fee for any sale and transaction taking place over the network.

Fee for subscription
Taking the lead from the commonly embraced freemium model, this mode showers users with exclusive access to stellar features and premium utility add-ons.

Promotional fees
To channel maximum benefit, admins can lease the requested ad spaces, such as banners in the app, for the purposes of third-party advertisements and Google Advertising.

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