Bookmark Manager Magento 2 Extension


Bookmark Manager Magento 2 Extension is for store admin who needs to visit particular pages frequently at the admin side. Admin can create its own backend navigation by placing the most visited pages in a drop-down list.

The store owner can pin any admin page and set a bookmark name. It is a time-saving process for the store owner. Also, each admin has separate access to the bookmark. Ultimately, it helps you to speed up your store management.

How Bookmark Manager Magento 2 Extension Works?

Bookmark Manager Magento 2 Extension is very easy to use. There is a drop-down list and a star icon for a bookmark on each admin page. If someone wants to bookmark that page, just click on the Star icon.

There’s a simple page popup. On that page, the admin can change the title of the bookmark if it wants to. When you click the OK button, the page will be saved in the list of bookmarks and all the list will be displayed in the drop-down box.

Store owners can only see bookmarks for their account. If the ‘Share Bookmarks’ options are set to ‘No’ then other admin users will not be able to see the bookmarks. And if it’s ‘Yes,’ then all admin users can share bookmarks with each other. So, it will save all users time and effort.

Admin can also manage all bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu. On this page, change the path and rename the title as well. And delete the bookmarks when they’re no longer needed.

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