Daddy’s File Host is a free open-source file and image hosting script. It is modeled after many popular free file hosts such as rapidshare and megaupload. It is easy to set up and does not require a MySQL database!

Features User Features:

– Multiple File and Images Uploads
– Progress bar on both Image and File Uploads
– Upload Files On The Server
– Email link to themselves or a friend (If enabled by admin)
– Get the download and delete link which can be shared
– Report File links that violate terms of service
– Extra Stats Shown at the download page.
– View list of uploaded files (If enabled by admin)
– File Description (If enabled by admin)
– Password Protect (If enabled by admin)
– Catogeries (If enabled by admin)

Admin Features:

– Set Maximum File size for users to upload
– Set and restrict File types and extensions
– Expire files after X ammount of days without use
– Add Your Own Ads
– Set timer countdown on download page
– Enable/disable “Files List” viewable by public
– Reported illegal files stand out for deletion
– Ban IP addresses

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