Delivery Date for Magento 2


: Majority of time, customers get dissatisfied and abandon cart when they can’t get product delivery on their desired dates and time. Providing customers with best user experience and services only till product purchase is not enough now days, people need convenience and satisfaction additionally. People are more likely to buy from where they can choose preferable delivery date and time because of many reasons like gifting for various occasions, to receive products before going out for vacation and many others. In such cases, if your Magento stores lacks such features, you are likely to face cart abandonment. MageComp has come up with Magento 2 Delivery Date extension to provide your customers with an option to select delivery date, time and message at the time of product purchase. This helps them getting delivery on their desired time and date.
•Provide your buyers convenience of selecting delivery date and time.
•Set desired labels for delivery date selection option.
•Enable comment box with desired label for buyers to enter additional comment.
•Option to exclude specific delivery dates from selection.
•Delivery hours to be set in 24 hours format.
•Same day Delivery option.
•Option to set minimum interval day and exclude holidays and vacation.
•Option to enable delivery date for specific group.
•Already disabled days from backend are automatically disabled in calendar from selection.
•Simple slider for users to select delivery time
•Display, print and send delivery date information in various places:
Show on:
o Order View (Backend & Frontend)
o Invoice View (Backend)
o Shipment View (Backend)
o Credit Memo View (Backend)
In Printable documents:
o Invoice (Backend & Frontend)
o Shipment (Backend & Frontend)
o Refund (Backend & Frontend)
In various Emails:
o Invoice Email
o Shipment Email
o Refund Email

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