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Knowband offers eBay OpenCart Integration extension which is the smoothest approach to synchronize the eBay marketplace with their eCommerce website. The eBay OpenCart connector add-on integrates your eCommerce store with the eBay marketplace by using the eBay API. After successful integration, you can update and list your products on the eBay marketplace from the backend of this integrator even without even visiting the marketplace.

Features of eBay OpenCart Integration extension:

1.eBay OpenCart API Integrator connects the OpenCart eCommerce store and eBay marketplace easily in just a few simple steps.

2. It provides a real-time synchronization feature that helps admin to manage the whole process from the back-end of the eBay OpenCart connector module.

3. The profile listing feature of eBay OpenCart connector add-on helps admin to change the profile accordingly from back-end and also helps to upload products in bulk.

4. The admin can easily manage the product inventory and prices by making changes in the profile from the backend of on eBay OpenCart extension.

5. Admin can view the list of all the products from the back-end without visiting the marketplace with the help of the eBay OpenCart integrator addon.

6. The admin can keep a check on the number of orders placed and can process these orders directly from the OpenCart store.

7. Admin can map the products of his store to the eBay marketplace. The mapping option helps in bulk uploading of the products.

8. The eBay OpenCart integrator addon helps admin to track the errors that occurred while product listing.

9. The eBay OpenCart integrator allows admin to sync the shipping methods with the marketplace through a cronjob.

10. The shipping management feature of the eBay OpenCart connector extension allows admin to set multiple shipping methods for the eBay store.

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