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Attention to all the upcoming and budding entrepreneurs. Having aspirations to start an online venture but confused where and how to start. Ecommercemix offers you the best opportunity to start an multi vendor shopping, buy sell marketplace cart similar to ebay. There is no good than today start now. Now is all we have lets make it.
Innovation is an evolutionary process. It takes time, profound body of knowledge and continuous passionate efforts to build technology and process breakthroughs.

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One Review for ⌈EcommerceMix – Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Software⌋

  1. Ecommercemix is a scam.
    Although you may believe you are talking to a fellow called Steve Watson, you are in fact talking to a scammer called Srivathsan GK… His email address is [email protected]
    What this scammer does is offer you a 50% discount on a bad script (be it etsy, fancy or another clone) that needs customisation to work. Doing it yourself is impossible as the code is bad. You have no choice but to use him and his team to do the modifications. Once you do and hand over the cash, they take weeks to do the work, but never complete it. They will then suggest that you do more work to tailor it further – time passes by and you still have nothing to show. The apps don’t work, the service is bad and despite the pretty web marketing, it is all a lie.
    Unfortunately I got scammed but didn’t lose much thankfully!
    If you do not heed this warning, then it is your loss. MY SIMPLE ADVICE – STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER
    PS> If I only stop one of you buying this script, then I have done my job – 100 will make my day!

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