The following snippet help you to create a simple file download. The content could also be dynamically generated.

// local file that should be send to the client
$local_file = '';
// filename that the user gets as default
$download_file = '';
if(file_exists($local_file) && is_file($local_file)) {
    // send headers
    header('Cache-control: private');
    header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream'); 
    header('Content-Length: '.filesize($local_file));
    header('Content-Disposition: filename='.$download_file);
    // flush content
    ** You can also remove the following part and
    ** replace it trough a database command fetching 
    ** the download data
    // open file stream
    $file = fopen($local_file, "rb");
    // send the file to the browser
    print fread ($file, filesize($local_file)); 
    // close file stream
else {
    die('Error: The file '.$local_file.' does not exist!');

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