Foodpanda Business Model: How Foodpanda Works & Makes Money


Online food delivery platform, Foodpanda connects users to thousands of local meal ordering and delivery points. The hyperlocal delivery-based business model helps the delivery giant to cater to the growing demand in the market. Looking at the business giant’s success, many delivery brands are interested in a Foodpanda business model; they are trying to know how the delivery platform works and makes money.

The food delivery giant has covered a long journey. We are serving the communities in more than 400 cities and more than 12 markets in Asia, and the company hopes to play a positive part in customers’ lives.

Foodpanda is Asia’s largest delivery platform that helps 3000 new retailers and stores. The SMEs’ digitization made them experience 430% of growth. It is the most used platform for ordering meals from restaurants.

Users can explore multiple options before placing the order; they can even choose between pick-up or home delivery at their convenience. It takes only a few minutes for customers to place an order; Foodpanda offers customer ratings, menus, and other details for over 12 countries and over 115000+ restaurants.

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