Gift Card and Certificate Extension for Magento 2


Gift card feature works no matter you have an online or offline store. It is noticeable for eCommerce stores because it is a well-known fact that neither recipient nor purchaser has to go outside for the exchange of a gift card. It is one powerful way to boost your sales and conversions. According to a study, 80% of the shoppers purchase one gift card during the holiday seasons and 60% of them spend on shopping more than the value of the gift card. Therefore, it’s now time for you to incorporate such an uplifting tactic to your store.
With the help of a Mconnect Gift Card and Certificate Extension for your Magento 2 store, you can strengthen your store by facilitating your customers to buy gift cards and certificates. Even the extension allows them to send those gift cards to their partners, relatives, or co-workers through email or mail station. Once anyone purchases a gift card, the extension will send a unique code with a message that will be sent to the beneficiary as well. Anyone, existing customers as well as guest customers, can buy gift cards and certificates and send them to their friends.

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