Grow your eCommerce store sales with OpenCart Multivendor Mobile Application


Because of the easy buying capacity, the web-based selling business is in high demand nowadays. The supplier pays a good amount of commission to the eCommerce merchant for selling their products in the OpenCart Marketplace App. Vendors have their own seller accounts where they can easily manage their product inventory. The OpenCart Marketplace App Builder by Knowband is a win-win situation for both buyers as well as sellers because the eCommerce merchant gets inventory, and sellers get buyers.

OpenCart Marketplace App Maker Role In The eCommerce Business Growth –

1. Commission-

The OpenCart Multivendor Mobile App backend allows the store admin to simply manage commission rates for multiple sellers based on a standard rate basis or even set commission rates for individual vendors. Everything can be managed effortlessly by the eCommerce store admin from the OpenCart eCommerce Marketplace backend.

2. Product And Category Request Option-

The store admin specifies the number of products and categories for various vendors to expand the business. The OpenCart Marketplace App Creator allows store owners to have total control over all decisions relating to limiting the number of product categories available to sellers on their online marketplace. The Multi-vendor App for OpenCart also allows the sellers to send product and category requests to the store admin.

3. Simple And Easy To Use Admin Panel-

This Marketplace App for OpenCart backend consists of a simple and easy-to-use user interface, which makes it easy for the eCommerce merchant to work with different operations and commands. This attractive and user-friendly seller dashboard design allows store owners to quickly update the supplier’s record. The eCommerce merchant also has the option to design the home screen layout, banners, images, UI, and much more with some mouse tweaks.

4. Push Notifications –

The OpenCart Marketplace App includes an amazing push notification feature. The customers will receive push notifications when there is an update, discounts, and offers on the eCommerce store. The store admin can configure and send the push notification to all Android and iOS app users

The OpenCart eCommerce Marketplace benefits –

Having an OpenCart Marketplace App Maker would add lots of benefits mentioned below:

1. The Store admin has the option to add all vendors in a single platform
2. The sellers get the opportunity to sell more products.
3. A simple dashboard to add multiple products, prices, and images.
4. The store admin can add meta keywords, titles, and descriptions for the shop and product page from the OpenCart Marketplace App Builder backend.
5. The OpenCart Marketplace App Creator allows the store admin to track and manage all the eCommerce store sales.


The Multi-vendor App for OpenCart module is eye-catching for buyers. It can help users to have a better online buying experience. The feature-rich Marketplace App for OpenCart extension can help to improve the overall online shopping experience of online visitors.

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