Help Desk MX


Help Desk MX allows every customer to submit support request in any suitable for him manner. Tickets can be created via email, contact form on the site, personal account, offline chat (Zopim, Livezilla, etc).

Help Desk MX collects incoming messages from the mailboxes and convert them into the tickets or into the response for a certain ticket. As only team member or customer will reply to the ticket via e-mail, his response will be tracked in the system and will be delivered to the recipient.

E-store Manager is always able to track and control tickets. He can track the all kinds of tickets: responded tickets; tickets to respond; the history of communication with a client; response time and the quality of the response to the customer’s request.

Therefor, Help Desk MX provides you with all the necessary options in order to organize the most effective communication process with your customers to be executed on the highest level. Its a great way to keep in touch with your current loyal customers and with absolutely new ones.

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