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The advanced customer management software that is provided by Help Sumo means that a customer will be able to contact the business in case of a problem. The script is very user friendly and a request by the customer will be automatically sent to the right customer service team. This means that the request is answered quickly and that no communication is lost.

A MySQL Platform has been used to develop the help desk script which is web based and has been created using robust PHP. There are a number of features that can be used with the comprehensive script such as a ticketing system, video tutorials, knowledge base, pdf uploads and it contains a step by step trouble shooter. There are a number of ways that support can be accessed such as through email, social network sites and a forum for community support. There is a user friendly control panel for administrators which is advanced and allows all back office work to be taken care of easily. The software can be used with any existing system as it supports most other types of systems that are in use.

Critical information can be added to the knowledge base which eliminates the need to sift through papers to find instructions that have been written down. This knowledge can be shared with other users of the system which reduces the need to make calls to support.

The support pages can even be viewed on smartphones and tablets. This makes it easy for anyone to view these pages, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Customer service and retention have always been a crucial aspect of any business but they have become even more important in the recent economic climate. This software enables businesses to provide and track interactions with customers effectively regardless of the size of the business and the technical infrastructure that it has in place. This allows reports on customer relations to be produced which can then be used to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

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