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Is email keeping your support in the dark? Helprace is a revolutionary web application that allows your business to reach new heights in customer service. Helprace is an on-demand cloud-based help desk that’s integrated with a customer-centric community and knowledge base.

Helprace allows you to understand what your customers are really thinking every step of the way, and that’s why our social community and feedback widget allows users to: 1) ask a question 2) share an idea 3) report a problem or 4) give praise. End-users need only to submit their name, email and password to create an account.

Alternatively, customer service reps can easily add users from the admin panel, having access to user profiles and activity when needed. Over time, as your ticket database (and community user base) grows, you can build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions, set SLA and other features to help you make the most of your Helprace experience.

At Helprace, we’ve always believed that the greatest things in life are free. This includes smiles, hugs, friends, and of course great customer service. That’s why we have a free plan that’s really free – for small companies that are on a budget. After all, we are a small company ourselves.

We know that companies don’t stay small forever, so we’ll scale as you grow. Try any of our paid plans for free for 30 days, and make the right choice based on your company’s needs.

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