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Who can say no when there are a plethora of individuals available to assist you with your domestic chores and a variety of other tasks? What a wonderful thing it will be when you have an app to help you with all of this. Cleaning, massage, grooming, maintenance, and even wedding planning are all available through the home service app. It’ll be a hit with your customers. One of the applications for which people will be glad and appreciative after the bombardment of digital developments and modern life will be for releasing these types of apps. Because nowadays, finding employees for their houses, beauticians who come to their homes for grooming, event planners, and other services is tough. Having an app that caters to all of these is akin to winning a large number of gold coins all at once.
INORU has created a home service software that caters to all of these needs. We deliver effective services at your fingertips, easy user profile integration, smart solutions for easier ordering, and extensive and exact order tracking, thanks to our many years of expertise in app creation and our position as the market’s top app development business. All of these things can help your app a lot. Furthermore, we have developed cutting-edge features that will be extremely beneficial to your consumers.

路 Social media login
路 Search
路 Book now
路 Schedule services
路 Filter
路 Notifications
路 Questionnaire
路 Rate and review
路 Manage profile
路 Multi payment options
This is a ready-to-use programme that works on the web, Android, and iOS networks. This is a fully customisable application that may be used at any time. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome, and you may adapt them to meet the needs and expectations of your clients. Even if you are a new entrepreneur with no prior knowledge of the industry or how all of these processes are carried out. Believe me when I say that launching will be a piece of cake for you since we will be releasing a custom-made software to the market. So all you have to do now is get in touch with us for additional information and be set to enjoy your professional life.

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