IndiaMart Clone


We have custom solutions and ready-to-go platform approach for your IndiaMart clone script requirement. The custom developed solution can include of all the necessary features you need to kick-start a booming online business similar to IndiaMart.

IndiaMart Clone script is an open source online B2B marketplace that links a wide variety of buyers to vendors around the globe. You will support various suppliers offering a wide range of items such as LED lamps, electronics & electrical equipment, tower fans, biomechanical systems, industrial machinery, water treatment & purification systems, bakery ovens, pizza ovens, industrial appliances, computer & office accessories, and many more products to your customers from all over the world by using the Best IndiaMart clone.

It’s a perfect solution for you to kick-start your own B2B marketplace. You can provide an intuitive and easy-to-use platform by enabling B2B, retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies to easily collect different goods, manage their orders online, connect with their customers and help boost their sales by using IndiaMart’s PHP clone script.

Why should you use IndiaMart Clone?

You can use our IndiaMart clone script to build a website that serves as an online B2B marketplace by linking different producers, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and many more to explore their goods in an open market. It is the perfect forum for entrepreneurs looking to set up their own start-up on the B2B market. You can deliver a range of benefits to both your buyers and suppliers with the Best IndiaMart clone script.

The benefit of the buyers shall using IndiaMart clone include:

The ease of communicating with sellers at any time and anywhere using an online medium around the globe,
They will build a one-stop shop for all consumer requirements in the wider market, including a variety of goods and suppliers,
They can post their requirements and submit inquiries in offline mode as well,
They can compare quotes from different suppliers and get the best deals,
They will be able to check for goods and services immediately and at any time around the clock, receive instant updates and can keep up-to-date globally.
They should mark a few of their favorite brands to try them out later.
They will be able to do business safely with the use of our payment security facility using the PHP clone of IndiaMart.

The advantages of the sellers using IndiaMart clone include:

They can purchase and view multiples, buy leads at any time and immediately connect to their different potential buyers, and find new ways to sell goods using online media across the globe.
They can add reminders and notes to improve the conversion of lead while conveniently adding prices to their catalogue.
They can review and respond to enquiries at any time, anywhere and categorize them into multiple lists using the PHP clone script of IndiaMart.
They can upload and download different product content along with their photos for better communication in the enquiry chat.
They will immediately collect leads and enquiry updates.
They can obtain their payments without problems with the different payment methods available by using the PHP clone of IndiaMart.
IndiaMart clone script PHP can be used to provide an exclusive facility for individual accounts, along with a comprehensive catalog listing view, as per product categories and subcategories, to facilitate this.

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