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Are you one such entrepreneur managing multiple tasks and carrying your business entities in an organised structure? Grab is a one-stop solution that delivers you anything from its niche. Here is INORU to help you build your exclusively demanding Grab clone application that performs multiple duties at the same time seamlessly. Grab clones are ready to launch applications created to perform various delivery services that enable you to get your cab or taxi, buy groceries, shopping, etc. At INORU, we help you develop an ingenious application to render similar services with more customer satisfaction and increased performance.

Customisation is a unique feature of INORU. We hear you out and include suggestions, needs and demands.
In-app features of Grab clone
Book cab or bike
Rent cab
Food delivery
Courier facilities
Grab clones have a simple interface that offers multiple services. From here, the users can avail taxi or bike, rent cab service, do in-app shopping and much more. By choosing the required service, the item is added to the cart and proceeded for payment. And then, in the desired time, the product is being delivered.
Inputs of INORU in Grab clone
INORU, apart from delivering legit white-labelled applications with no bugs and safe space to confidently lookout for service. INORU also provides few customisation facilities for the developer as demanded and provides advanced technological solutions to make your Grab clone more efficient.
In your Grab clone feature like
Dairy delivery
Meat delivery
Grocery delivery
Medicine purchase
can be added, or the existing components can also be altered. INORU provides the required customisation facilities to its clients.
Final verdict

Suppose you are a multi-personality vendor carrying out your businesses in multiple streams and want to coordinate them in a unique space and provide your service from there. In that case, INORU is here to help you launch your Grab Clone, a space to connect with customers and manage business processes effectively.

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