Inout Adserver Ultimate Edition


The registered advertiser can post their text/ banner/catalog PayPerClick(PPC) ads with simple steps. Publishers can create ad display units and use it in their websites to show ads relevant to their page content. You can completely control your revenue from the system by adjusting the minimum click bid value as well as the percentage of click bids that you would share with publishers. The system comes with support for load balancing across multiple servers which means you never need to worry about performance bottlenecks. Easily manageable background images and themes which helps you to create a new look. Also the system comes in 14 languages and you can add more. The site targeting enhances the reliability of your publishers and eventually your adserver. The data backup facility ensures the security of your data. The new customizable front end let you to make the script your own.

Manage Advertisers

Now using Inout adserver you can manage your advertisers in a better way. You can review their ads and if you find their ads inappropriate for your terms, you may block their accounts. You can check the complete profile of an advertiser which contains information about ads posted by the advertiser, click statistics of the advertiser and payment history. Also you have the option for adding fund to advertiser’s bonus/account balance.

Manage Publishers

Inout Adserver allows you to manage your publishers effectively than ever. You can review each publisher account before approving the same. The system allows you to to specify the click bid percentage to be shared with publishers. You can get details about his click and profit statistics, fraud statistics and withdrawal history anytime. The robust and improved fraud control measures allows you to monitor, warn and block suspicious publishers.

Single-sign-on Accounts (*NEW*)

Inout Adserver allows you to run your system in single-sign-on mode wherein a single registration as well as a single login is enough to get access to both advertiser and publisher accounts. Needless to say, you can switch between single-sign-on and dual-sign-on any time.

Customizable Front-end (*LATEST*)

Inout adserver is a fully customizable script. You can change the look and feel of your adserver by adding elegant background images, advertiser image, publisher image and home page slide images, directly from admin area.

Spam Account filtering

Admin can control the default registration status of publishers and advertisers and thereby restrict spam registrations. Also the system prevents spam user registrations by enforcing email verification.

Coupon Codes for Advertisers (*NEW*)

Admin can define coupon codes for advertisers from his control panel. Advertisers can redeem these at the time of registration or adding funds. Adserver allows you to define single use and multi use coupons which can be flat rate or percentage based.

Manage WAP Ads (*NEW*)

The system now comes with support for WAP targeted text,banner and catalog ads which can be rendered on WAP 2.0 supported devices using special wap ad display codes.

Geo Targeting (*NEW*)

By default all ads will be targeted worldwide. But your advertisers can change this and target their ads to specific geographical locations if required.

Reliable Site Targeting (*LATEST*)

This feature emphasizes the reliability of your publishers and eventually your adserver. With this optional feature you can now manage sites where your advertisers ads are to be displayed. Publishers can display ads only after the approval from admin for the particular website. This sorting will help your adserver script to dominate in the advertising market, and will help to attract more advertisers.

Effective Adult Filtering (*LATEST*)

With this option publishers can manage their ad unit content. Adult ads will not be displayed in their ad display units until they allow. Admin can also manage adult status for each ads. This gives privilege to publishers over their ad-unit display content.

Ad Blocks and Ad Display Units

Inout Adserver comes with certain predefined adblocks. Additionally admin can create new adblocks of his preference easily. Ad display units which are used to display ads in websites are created based on these adblocks. Various options like adunit for search pages, adunit for content pages, adunit for wap pages are available.

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