Inout Music Android App (Stand-alone) : SoundCloud / Spotify Clone


Inout Music Android App (Stand-alone) provides seamless playing of Music and Video tracks at their finger touch. Forget the Radios, retro record-players, modern synthesizer or other Music players and pocket your favorite music into our app. Listen to the beats of Music for what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, or what you want to hear. Your users can create their playlist and can hear, sell, buy or do whatever they want. With advanced music search options and multiple filters users can fetch out the exact Track/Albums/Playlists they want. Beyond this, app comes with every important features that are available on our Online Music Script.

Main Features:

1. Stylish & Interactive Design
Inout Music App comes with most stylish and interactive design that suites for every dpi (Dots Per Inch) configuration. Design is generally more attractive than traditional mobile app designs. Users will love this attractive and easy to use mobile app. Designers easily breathe virtual life into forgotten radios, retro record-players or modern synthesizer, utilizing them as a concept for mobile music app interfaces that look simply astonishing.

2. Shake & Change Tracks
“Sounds good to hear and shake to change the song is fabulous” It is so funny and entertaining. Users can just shake their mobile to change the tracks while playing the music. Inout Music App Listens each of motion that users are making during playing the tracks and allows them to change to favorite music by calculating the threshold of the motion by certain motion algorithms. Perfect for users that don’t want to unlock the phone to manually change tracks.

3. Inbuilt Music Player
“Every moment has its music”. Inout Music App comes with inbuilt music player. This music player provides seamless playing of music tracks while you perform other operations. This powerful audio player guides you to easily find out the latest tracks in music portal. It is elegant and easy to use. The new built-in music player and related music discovery features are aimed at getting you to use the app more often.

4. Easily Manageable
Add and remove playlists easily with Inout Music App at users tap hold. Main operation is done by touch screen, clicking on playlist to open detailed pages, or tap hold to open popup confirmation which allows to remove particular clicked item from playlists.

5. Predefined Offline Tracks
Script owners can pre-define an offline playlist with any number of songs at the time of launching the app. Users who downloads this app can listen to them, while they are not connected to the internet. Users will still use your Mobile App to listen to songs while they are offline.

6. Fund Through Mobile Paypal Payments
Add amount to your music account from music app through Paypal. Payment Gateway integration is fully customizable. New payment gateway integration to app can be used by existing app users without upgrading their app.

7. Built For Online Music Industry
It’s important to be able to analyse your business and Inout Music provides you with detailed statistics. Easily add music and set the download price. Preset a subscription fee or allow free listening and download for your users as per your convenience.

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