Inout Webmail – Hypertable Edition


Inout Webmail is one of the most flexible, affordable, feature rich, customizable and secured mail service script that works on PHP/MySQL using Cpanel/Plesk APIs. Features include # Unlimited mail accounts # Individual POP3 accounts for users # Mails with full MIME support # Mail folders # Anti spam setting # Whitelist/blacklist senders # Auto mail forwarding # Auto reply # Email filtering # Threaded message display # Feature rich mail composer # Multiple attachments # View and compose HTML mail # Auto save to draft # Mail reply,reply all, forward # Email signature # Custom folders for mails # Starred mails # Contact group # Global address book # Password recovery mechanism # Checking password strength # Configurable display mode # Multi language support # Multiple themes # Live search for contacts # Mail and contact searching # Configuring overall system using admin panel # Client logs # Mail statistics # Reserved email addresses # Free install, support & updates # Online Demo.

Inout Webmail is the ultimate solution for all your Email and Web Chat service requirements for your employees/users. It is unique, feature rich, fast, flexible, scalable and secure.It is now based on Hypertable which is one of the most emerging technology in the world. The Ajax based live email service(as like Gmail) makes email management very easy for your users. The web based live chat service with instant messaging and group chat options keeps your users always connected. The features such as efficient spam protection, mail filtering and conversation grouping makes email management a bliss. Advanced address book feature helps your users to maintain and organize their contacts easily. This package includes powerful mail administration options, unlimited storage, multiple mail account management and seamless integration with cPanel and Plesk, the popular web control panels. Now, you may also maximize your revenue by effectively monetizing the service using the inbuilt ad integration(Google Adsense, Inout Adserver Ads etc) feature. If you would like to build an email/chat portal like Gmail, or host an Email/Chat service for your employees you can now start it within a few minutes, with Inout Webmail.

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