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In this dynamic world, people are always on the search to fleet the website process. Usually, web users find the login and registration process very tiresome. Consumers seem to be more ferocious when it arrives at the website loading span. In such a case, the only significant thing to consider is to speed up the long registration process by any means. In Magento 2, by default the login and registration process redirects the users to the respective pages. Redirecting the users = increased latency period = decrease in conversion rate. So, to eliminate redirecting the users, lend a hand with the ajax login.

For that reason, MageComp has launched the Ajax Login & Register for Magento 2. It allows shoppers to swiftly log in and sign up. Regardless of which page the user is on, he will get a login or registration popup. The module eliminates the long registration process.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Ajax Login & Register Extension for Magento 2?

Magento 2 Ajax Login & Register Module foster quick login.
The admin is simply required to cultivate the module from the backend to activate.
The consumer has the ability to reset the password using this module’s popup window.
Omit to redirect the users to the login page through this module.
Reduce the customer’s tasks and make them log in from the current page itself.
Accelerate the login process with the help of this module.
Diminish the labor-intensive login process.

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