Magento 2 Call for Price Extension


Many online business offer products that do not have a fixed price. It may fluctuate with time or differ based on the product personalization. Also, the store may want to decide the price based on the quantity of the order, customer group, service required, etc. Such products can’t be displayed on the store frontend with a fixed price. Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Call for Price extension that offers a feature to hide the product price and replace “Add to Cart” button with the “Call for Price” button in the Magento 2 stores.

The Magento 2 Call for Price extension allows admin to interact with potential buyers as the price is not displayed and they are encouraged to communicate for the price details. It gives a chance of negotiation and hence grab the best deal possible!

Enable a “Get a Quote” responsive popup instead of price details. It allows customers to request for a quote after filling the required details which can be used to understand their requirements, improve product features and improve the marketing efforts.

Encourage customer engagement and more conversions with fewer cart abandonment using the
Magento 2 Call for Price Extension.

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