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Magento 2 Cardsave Payments by Meetanshi allows secure online payments with the integration of Magento 2 with Cardsave payment gateway.
Security in online payments decide the fate of your E-commerce business. Being the most important factor of the business, Magento 2 stores must ensure that a secure online payment platform is provided to the customers. To fulfill this motto, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Cardsave Payments extension.

The extension integrates Magento 2 with Cardsave payment gateway. Offer safe and spam-free online payment facility with UK’s popular Cardsave payment gateway.

The Magento 2 Cardsave Payments extension offers two types of payment gateway integration: Hosted and Direct.

The Magento 2 Cardsave Hosted Payments uses Cardsave’s hosted payment page, where customers are redirected to enter the card details. Hence, it ensures better security!

The Magento 2 Cardsave Direct Payments offers better customer experience by capturing the card details in the store itself. Admin can have the full control over the transactions in this method!
Benefits of Magento 2 Cardsave Payments:

Magento 2 Cardsave Hosted Payments:

* Use hosted payment page for secure online payments.

* Allows custom title for the payment method in the store.

* Integrate the gateway using the payment gateway URL domain obtained while registration.

* Option to enable or disable the Worldpay logo in the frontend.

* Offers sandbox mode.

* Use Merchant ID, form integration encryption password, pre-shared key, and the hash method to integrate the extension with Cardsave.

* Admin can display any additional information on the checkout page.

* The store do not store any card details as the customers have to add the card data on the hosted payment page.

* Customers can see the Cardsave payment related details in “My Account” section.

* Admin can navigate to Sales > Orders in the backend to see the Cardsave payment details.

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