Magento 2 Custom Options Absolute Price Extension


Many store owners need absolute pricing functionality to apply absolute pricing or one off charges to store products. This functionality is required for various usages like to charge same day delivery, apply extended warranty on products, gift wrapping charges, tooling or screen printing charges or any other extra fee. Magento 2 Custom Options Absolute Price facilitates adding absolute price to override base price and charge products with extra charges.

How Extension works –

Store owners need to enable extension by adding custom options to products required. There are two types of absolute pricing applied on products. Either fixed or one-off charges. They need to select price type while adding custom options based on their requirements. After successful settings, it shows products with custom options in frontend.
• Charge fixed or one off fees to products.
• Absolute pricing works independent of product quantity if set to one-off charges.
• Supports all default Magento product types.
• Absolute pricing is added directly to checkout.
Live Demo:
• Backend –
• Frontend –

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