Magento 2 Custom Options With Weight


To meet customer’s ever-rising expectations and demands, E-commerce businesses must focus on providing every possible custom option to the customers. Customers love the brands that provide custom choices for their desired products. For this reason, adding custom options to the products is a good move for store owners. Default Magento provides the functionality of custom options but it might prove a lengthy and complicated task. MageComp’s Custom Options with Weight for Magento 2 will be beneficial for you.

With MageComp’s Custom Options with Weight Extension for Magento 2, the store admin is able to display custom options for products on the store frontend. Also, the admin is eligible to set the charges of various custom options. With the help of SKU, the admin can get all the product details automatically, thus saving the time incorporated for fetching the product details. Better not waste your time and integrate Custom Options with Weight for Magento 2 now and complete your customer needs.

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