Magento 2 Delete Customer Extension


GDPR is already live now and people are in rush to comply their store with EU law. According to EU rules, now each and every individual have rights to know how business uses their personal data and can make request to remove their personal data.

MageComp is back with Magento 2 Delete Account Extension that lets store customer removed their account and erase their personal information just by clicking delete account link from their account section. Using this extension, customers are free to leave store services at any time and removed their personal data quickly without requesting to store owner. This extension will only remove users personal information & account but the order, shipping, invoice information will still remain in store backend also the customer will automatically get unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Delete Customer Extension:

Easy option to enable and disable extension.
Using backend options store admin can place a detailed information that will be removed.
Store admin can set confirmation message before deleting account.
Backend option to add CSS styles to extension as per need.

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