Magento 2 Email Attachments Extension


Magento 2 Email Attachments Extension by Meetanshi enables automatically attaching sales documents in Sales Emails.

Emails for business communication is not a new thing. However, the default Magento 2 does not facilitate an automatic method to do so. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Email Attachments extension. It automates attaching order documents with Sales Email.

The extension supports files type such as pdf, doc, docx, xls, and text file. Moreover, you can attach up to 5 files! Make sure that your customers are well informed about things like privacy policy, terms and conditions, offers, etc.

Magento 2 Email Attachments Extension is what you need to share invoice, shipment, credit memo, an order placed confirmation, and account creation Confirmation PDFs in Sales Emails.

Benefits of Magento 2 Email Attachments Extension:

* Auto-attach invoice, shipment, credit memo documents with Sales Emails.
* These sales Emails include
o Order Invoice Email
o Order Shipment Email
o Order Credit Memo Email
o Order Confirmation Email
o Account Creation Email
* Attach the terms and conditions with the Email to inform customers of the same!
* Attach files having file types such as, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls and .txt
* Attach up to 5 files with the sales Email.
* Add Email recipients with the Cc and Bcc fields.
* Admin can decide which document to attach with the sales emails.

Watch the video to understand how the Magento 2 Email Attachments extension works in your store.

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