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Looking at the stats, we can decide that the long checkout process increases the abandoned cart rate by 26%. Thus, it is imperative for the E-commerce store admins to make the checkout process simpler as possible as it directly impacts the conversion rates and an unsatisfied user experience.

One of the many factors why the users get irritated with the complex checkout is the address field. How good would it be if the address fields get auto-filled? Auto-completion of the address field enhances the user experience in your store and makes the whole process hassle-free for them. This functionality removes the problem of incorrect addresses. Hence, making the delivery smooth.

The Magento 2 Google Address Lookup enables to fasten the checkout process by automatically filling in the address field. For that, the extension uses the Google API key to automatically fill in the address field. Immediately after the customer starts inserting the address, the related addresses are suggested to them and after choosing any one of the addresses, the address field is filled in automatically. This enables the completion of the checkout process faster. The extension helps you to automatically fill in the address at various pages such as the checkout page, My Account Page, while you edit the address, or when creating a shipping address.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Google Address Lookup Extension for Magento 2?

• Magento 2 Google Address Lookup Extension auto-fills the address field at the checkout.
• Enables a faster checkout process as the address field is automatically filled.
• Relevant addresses are suggested to users when they input the address field.
• When they fill in any of the results, the rest are completed on their own.
• The address fields are auto-filled with the use of the Google API.
• The address is auto-filled on the My Account Page also.
• Alleviate the abandoned cart rates with the help of this extension.

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