Magento 2 Google Invisible ReCAPTCHA


Millions of CAPTCHA’s are solved daily, that’s why to reduce human efforts google has designed new invisible reCAPTCHA that helps website to automatically identify whether the visitor is user or bot. This new Invisible reCAPTCHA Goes easy for humans and hard for bots. When it comes to security, e-commerce store should have acquired such technology that will identify the difference between human and bot without annoying genuine store customers. If it is unable to identify it will serve a bunch of images to solve in suspicious cases.
Magento has come up with Google Invisible reCAPTCHA Extension that will help store owners to kick spam out of your Magento store. The extension will help you to secure store from spammy bots by identify human store visitors. The extension must have required JavaScript-enabled browsers to work with.
Why choose MageComp’s Magento Order Tracking Extension:
•You can Enable Google reCAPTCHA on following Magento pages:
1.Contact Us page
2.Customer Registration
3.Product Review
4.Forgot Password page
5.Newsletter Subscription

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