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Well, if you don’t do it, the competitors will get ahead of you. Thus, you will lose your place in the industry. So, it is important for you to continue to look for options that will help you stay ahead in the competition. In fact, you can do that with the help of the Magento 2 marketplace integrators.

Yes, the Magento 2 marketplace integrators by Knowband are the ultimate choice for you to stay ahead in your eCommerce business. How? These Magento 2 marketplace integrators help you integrate your store with gigantic marketplaces. In fact, they also help in managing the whole selling process on the platform. Thus, investing in these Magento 2 marketplace integrators by Knowband is a smart decision.

Now, let us take a look at these Magento 2 marketplace integrators by Knowband below.

Magento 2 eBay Marketplace Integration

The Magento 2 eBay Integration Module by Knowband is a precocious option for marketers. In fact, being in the list of best Magento 2 marketplace integrators, this one is certainly a stunner. Further, it allows the merchant to connect, create a profile, list products, manage inventory, and do more.

eBay is certainly one of the most renowned names among the marketplaces. Thus, you should choose the Magento 2 eBay Integration Extension.

Magento 2 Etsy Integration Extension

Next in the queue of the Magento 2 marketplace integrators is the Etsy Magento 2 Integration extension. The Etsy Magento 2 API Integration by Knowband allows all your beautiful handmade crafts to be displayed for a wider audience. In fact, Etsy is popular for being the craftsy marketplace that caters to an audience that loves jewelry, home decor, and more. Thus, if you have products that fall into the category suitable for Etsy, the Etsy Magento 2 Integrator is your best bet.

With the Magento 2 Etsy Connector, you can simply handle all your profiles on the platform. In addition, manage the listings, products, alter the image size, adjust the number of products. In fact, you can decide if the number of products should be different on both the platforms and more.

Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration extension

Last but definitely not least on the list is the Google Shopping Integration Extension by Knowband. Google Merchant Center is the best place to display your products if you want visitors to find them. In fact, with the Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Module, you can easily upload your entire category on the platform. Thus, allowing even those users to become potential customers which you weren’t targeting.

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