Magento 2 Mobillogin


Magento 2 Mobile Login by Meetanshi allows users to register and login in the store after OTP verification of the mobile number.

Customer experience and security go hand in hand for the E-commerce business. Both aspects are equally important and one cannot be ignored in the process of improving the other. Hence, Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 Mobile Login extension that allows users to register and login via mobile number after OTP verification.

The OTP extension for Magento 2 secures the store by OTP verification of mobile number before registration, login, forgot password and update mobile number. It reduces the chance of spams in the store. Additionally, allowing the users to use the mobile number for these actions make it easy for them. They can skip remembering the passwords to log in!

With the increasing use of mobile phones, OTP verification is a quick process for customers and ensures security for the store! Also, the Magento 2 Mobile Login is a feature-pack extension that allows integration of Magento 2 with the preferred SMS gateway!

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