Magento 2 Notification Bar Text on the Home Page


The module helps to show notification bar text about products, offer promotions, sales, and store information on the home page top position. It is a good way to get user-friendly attention to our web page.

It does not distract the user while browsing. It allows us to fit a long stream of text into a small space with no need for a scrolling web page. It helps to get a visitor’s attention and provide memorable information. They have an appealing โ€˜retroโ€™ vibe. You can fill thin spaces that look empty. This is an effective solution in grabbing visitors, customers’ attention and helps in increasing the visibility of important information.

It helps to make visitors want to stay on your website for a while. It helps to increase visibility and traffic conversion. Using popup overlays allows us to engage visitors with enticing offers and content that drive them to take actions we want them to take. This engagement results in a higher percentage of traffic that converts. Effective digital marketing today requires proper means of engaging and converting visitors.

The notifications allow keeping in touch with users in a non-intrusive way by providing timely messages, helpful and relevant information like special offers. They also provide a great way of getting users to engage in new promotions or features. It helps to increase interaction on the topic of the message.

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