Magento 2 Order Status Extension


Default Magento store order statuses are really inadequate to understand for customers. As default Magneto doesn’t provide informative and understandable order statuses, need for creating such order statuses arise. Magento 2 Order Status extension by MageComp facilitated you to create numerous order statuses to turn them to understandable ones. It thus make order processing transparent by informing customers through Email notification immediately after every order status change.

Why choose Magecomp’s Magento 2 Order Status extension:

• You can create and manage unlimited order statuses from backend.
• Bind order status with order states to make them understandable for customers.
• Notify customers through Email for every order status change.
• Choose separate template for every order status change notification sent to the customers.
• Details of order statuses are managed through a separated grid in backend named “Manage Order Statuses”.
• Option to filter orders by order statuses you have created and assigned.
• Customers can see assigned order status to orders in their “My Account” section.

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