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eCommerce merchants have plenty of options to advertise important messages in front of the customers. They can send a promotional email or circulate it over social media platforms or send notifications. The promotional emails go into the spam folder. Sharing on social media can also go into vain as it might happen that your important updates are neglected by the customers. While with push notifications, there is absolutely no way of going into spam or omitting. Customers can approve the notifications at the click of a button. Once they approve, all the important store notifications will be displayed to them. Push notifications help to repeat purchases from their existing customers. To avail of all the push notifications features, MageComp has launched a fully comprehensive module named Magento 2 Push Notifications.

Magento 2 Push Notifications module enables to increase customer engagement by displaying enchanting notifications like special discount offers, new product releases, or any other important updates. Make easy modifications to the notifications and manage all the notifications from the store backend. Seeing the notifications on a real-time basis, the users will immediately get in the notice of the important store updates.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Push Notifications Extension for Magento 2?

● Display customizable push notifications on the storefront.
● All the push notifications can be easily managed from the backend grid. From the grid, the admin can edit or delete the notification readily.
● The plugin helps to take approval from the customers in just one click.
● Highlight your new product releases, special offers, and other news as push notifications at the storefront.

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