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Offering both retail & bulk items drastically help to boost store revenue. By default, Magento allows store customer to fill the required quantities in a quantity box and checkout as per their requirements. But customers are unaware of bulk discounts until they add a specific quantity to the cart. Instead of displaying product quantities besides the price helps the customer get an idea of cost per product. Also, sometimes store owner are willing to set fixed quantities for purchase as a part of marketing.

In such case, Quantity Dropdown Extension by Magecomp helps store admin to showcase fixed quantity dropdown list instead of the default quantity box in store frontend. Using this extension, you can prohibit your store customer from adding manual quantities from the store frontend by setting up minimum and maximum quantities. Moreover, you can also set the increment value or can set up custom quantity for a dropdown.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Quantity Dropdown Extension:

Backend option to enable or disable extension as per need.
By enabling the extension, it will automatically hide default quantity box and display quantity dropdown along with the price on the frontend product page.
You can set the quantity increment value or custom quantity values to display in frontend.
If you specify minimum and maximum value for quantity dropdown extension will dynamically generate the remaining values for the product.
You can also set product specific quantity dropdown values from the backend if needed.

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