Magento 2 Return Manager Extension


Customer Retention and Customer Satisfaction are the two major factors to run a successful business. If you own an eCommerce business, then you must listen to your customer grievances and provide them satisfactory return solutions. By accepting return requests and providing your customers’ replacements or refunds, you boost the reputation of your business and build trust among your customers. Knowband offers Magento 2 Return Manager extension which helps you to manage your store’s return request easily.

The extension provides your customers with 3 different return choices so that they can specify the reasons correctly. With this extension, your registered customers as well as your guest customers both can raise return requests from the front-end of the website. You can create your return policy and return reasons with the help of this Magento 2 Return Manager extension and displays them on the return popup window. Let’s check the benefits of the extension for your business.

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