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The store admins face a lot of difficulties while making a move to lessen the abandoned cart rate. There can be several factors to cart abandonment. One such factor is the shipping cost. A purchaser will only buy a product if they are content with the product and its price. However, when reaching the checkout process, they suddenly abandon the product solely because of the shipping charges which are charged. Hence, this grows the abandoned cart rate of your store. To resolve this problem, MageComp has launched the Magento 2 Shipping Calculator Extension.

The Magento 2 Shipping Calculator Extension allows the store admin to calculate the shipping charges and display them on the product page itself to help customers make purchasing decisions promptly. The shipping charges are estimated in accordance with the shipping address entered by the user. However, the shipping address can also be changed based on the country, state, and zip code. The shop owner can place the shipping charges under the product description or at an additional tab. With the help of this extension, the chances of cart abandonment are reduced as the customer can know the charges well in advance and this also enhances the user experience.

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