Magento 2 Shipping Rules Extension


Magento 2 Shipping Rules lets admin create flexible shipping rules based on the product attributes and shipping cart attributes.

Default Magento does not allow to configure flexible shipping rules. E-commerce business demands to configure shipping rules based on attributes of the products, cart, delivery, etc. So, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension to let the Magento 2 store admin implement custom shipping rules.

Create an unlimited number of shipping rules with Magento 2 Shipping Rules. Offer flexible shipping options, adjust shipping options per product, offer discounts, and much more!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension:
* Allows custom shipping rules based on product & shipping address conditions and cart
* Support for an unlimited number of shipping rules.
* Option to set rule name to easily recognize it.
* Option to select shipping carriers and add carrier shipping method names to apply the rules on.
* Create shipping rules based on store views and customer groups.
* Prioritize the rules and apply them if a product fits multiple shipping rules.
* Create custom shipping rates per product or per order.
* Select any of the three calculation methods, i.e., replace, surcharge or discount.
* Set and charge shipping rate per order item or per product.
* Set handling shipping rate in percentage.
* Define rules using product conditions and condition combinations.

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