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Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications by Meetanshi allows updating customers about their store activities via Whatsapp messages.

WhatsApp is a preferred platform for messaging over Emails and SMS nowadays due to easy access to the internet and smartphones. To leverage its popularity in Magento 2 store, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications extension.

With the help of the module, send WhatsApp messages to customers notifying them about their store activities such as order placed or cancelled, invoice and shipment generated, order dispatched, etc. Not only that, but the admin can also configure the extension to receive WhatsApp Notifications about customers’ store activities.

The Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications extension contributes to improving the customer experience of the store with instant updates about store activities. No need to check inbox for the order status! Earn customers’ trust by offering such facilities and make the most out of the popular messaging platform for your Magento 2 business with the help of the Meetanshi’s WhatsApp Notification module!

As per statista, the number of monthly active users of WhatsApps worldwide has continued to increase. It demonstrates the success and ease-of-use features of WhatsApp.

With quick access to the internet and smartphones, it’s easy for people to use WhatsApp instead of Emails or SMS. Additional WhatsApp functions and attractive user interface play an important role in this.

Disregarding such a massive demand for e-commerce is crazy! To make the most of this famous platform, Meetanshi has created the Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications extension!

Keep your customers up-to-date on their store activities, such as good orders placed or cancelled, orders dispatched, registration, etc. via WhatsApp message. Stop your customers from searching their inbox instead of placing an easier-to-access message on WhatsApp!

Offer the best customer experience at your Magento 2 store. Please communicate with them through WhatsApp. Win your faith in your company. Anything with Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications extension!

Benefits of Magento 2 WhatsApp Notifications:

* Update customers via Whatsapp about their store activities such as order placed, canceled, invoice generated, etc.
* Facility for the admin to receive Whatsapp notifications for customers’ store activities.
* Integrate the extension with Twilio API provider to send WhatsApp Notifications
* Customizable text for Whatsapp messages that notify customers about activities like order placed, canceled, the invoice, credit memo and shipment generated, contact inquiry and sign-ups.
* Configure the notification messages using system variables like order_id, first_name, etc.
* Collect mobile numbers of customers to send WhatsApp notifications using the default Magento sign up and guest checkout form.
* Send Whatsapp notification for each activity as soon as the mobile number is registered with the store.
* Send instant WhatsApp messages to the customers, resulting in enhanced customer experience and win their trust!

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