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Do you want to boost potential conversions at your store? Do you want to recover lost sales abandoned by your customers? Most of the customers start adding desired products in their cart, perform partial checkout and then leave suddenly without completing it. There is no perfect solution to stop cart abandonment but with the help of some promotional tactics, you can recover them later. As a shop owner, it is majorly important for you to retain back these hanging sales at your store.

Knowband offers Magento abandoned cart extension, a highly-customizable intuitive solution for your online store. Tracking abandoned carts and then following up with the respective cart holders effectively turns the abandoned carts into paying leads. The other way, Magento abandoned cart email extension helps e-merchants to know the perspective and shopping preferences of their customers.
Ready, let’s begin knowing details about Magento abandoned cart alert extension by Knowband.

Key Highlights of Magento abandoned cart plugin

1. Magento abandoned cart module follows the abandoned carts of the store and sends reminder triggers to the customers based on their cart value.
2. Magento abandoned cart plugin helps admin to track the abandoned cart status for both logged-in and guest customers.

3. With Magento Shopping Cart Email Alert module, shop owners can analyze their customers’ behavior towards the shop items.

4. Magento abandoned cart email extension allows admin to setup cron job functionality for their store. This allows them to refresh the abandoned cart list and send email reminders in an automatic manner.

5. Admin can set time(in days and hours) after which the follow-up notifications are automatically sent to the respective user.

6. The functionality of Magento abandoned cart extension can be quickly enabled or disabled.

7. Magento abandoned cart alert extension offers configurable ready-made templates which can be set up as discounted email or non-discounted email.

8. Magento abandoned cart module flawlessly supports multiple languages.

9. The mobile responsive feature of Magento abandoned cart email extension makes it compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

10. Admin can set multiple reminders for abandoned carts, configured for different discount value(fixed or percentage), coupon validity, and the timer value.

11. Magento Shopping Cart Email Alert module provides a list view to the abandoned and converted carts of the store along with their customer detail. Admin can directly send a reminder email or discount email on a button click at the backend.

12. Magento abandoned cart extension also provides a graphical view of abandoned cart value and converted cart value of the store which helps admin in analyzing the performance of this re-marketing tool.

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