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Enhanced user experience is one of the most important factors responsible for successful E-commerce store without any doubts! Also, these stores have to design the store in such a way that the visitors from all over the world are comfortable with its functioning. The price display is one of them! It must be displayed according to the visitor. To make sure that the visitors’ local currency is displayed in the frontend, Meetanshi have developed Magento Currency Switcher for Magento stores that auto detects users’ location and switches the store’s default currency.

Cart abandonment rate may increase if a global visitor gets confused by the store’s default currency. To avoid it, the extension auto-detects the visitors GeoIP address using the Maxmind database. The price is displayed accordingly in his native currency for easy understanding. Such a feature enhances the user experience of the Magento store.

Boost the sales by expanding the business on a global level serving the visitors worldwide the right way using Magento Currency Switcher extension!

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