Magento Custom Order Number Extension


Sometimes after new installation order numbering start from scratch or you willing to set your own order sequence instead of default Magento 100000001 series, But there is no such option.

Magento Custom order number extension by MageComp allows the store owner to set custom sequences for 4 different sales order statuses like order number, invoice number, shipping number and credit memo that will automatically increment by default. The extension is designed to add prefix and postfix for order number to easily identify an order from a list of records.

You can use this extension for…

1) hide real sequence from competitors

2) customize order number

3) Continue to last order sequence

4) Combination of letters and number for easy identification

5) To have professional number system

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Custom Order Number Extension:

Easy option for enabling or disabling extension.
Option to set order sequence for
1. Orders

2. Invoices

3. Shipments

4. Credit Memo

You can add prefix & postfix to order number.
Auto increment order sequence with one.

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