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You must be well aware of the fact that Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that have lead to the outgrowth of most of the major businesses. Considering the high customer base of Facebook, e-merchants can promote their site products and rich contents among targeted online users which might convert them into potential leads for the store.

Showcasing site products in a well-structured and organized manner helps e-merchants in appealing and gaining more visitors for their store. Display and sell your products at your business page on Facebook within your own customized social shop with Knowband’s Magento FB Store extension. Magento Facebook store extension provides a complete and excellent solution for the online businesses that enables e-merchant to advertise their store products on the associated Facebook fan page.

Key Features of Facebook store integration with Magento

1. Integrate your store: Magento facebook integration module expands your main website on Facebook by creating a Social Shop for your brand. This Facebook Store Integration by Knowband shows a Shop tab on the associated business page which redirects the customer to the FB Shop.

2. Connect ‘N’ FB pages: Magento Facebook Store Integration extension gives the flexibility to connect multiple FB pages at the same time which can be managed from the same place.

3. Auto-Listing Feature: Magento FB Store extension automatically updates the product changes on FB Store which is done on the main website.

4. Facebook Page Statistics: The Google Analytics feature of Magento Facebook Shop extension eases admin in tracking the visits, clicks and conversion stats via FB Shop.

5. Customizable Navigation: Magento FB Store extension allows admin to set menu items for the navigation bar displayed at the top of FB Store.

6. Fast Searching: Magento FB Shop extension adds a search option on Facebook Shop which facilitate users while they search for desired products and categories.

7. Look and Feel: Admin can personalize their FB Store by adding a custom logo and banner image on its Homepage with the help of Magento FB Store extension.

8. Simple Implementation: No coding complications are involved in install and configuration of Magento Facebook Integration extension.

9. Configurable Content: The Homepage content provided on Facebook Store can be changed from admin panel of Magento Facebook store extension.

10. Footer Content: The footer content of FB Store can be configured using Facebook store integration with Magento.

11. Multi-lingual Support: Magento FB Store extension supports multiple languages.

12. Color Customization: Admin can customize the look and feel of Facebook Store by changing the background color and font color using color picker tool.

13. Featured Products and Categories: Admin can show selected featured products under different featured categories using Magento Facebook store extension.

14. Select Products: The count of featured products displayed on Facebook Store can be set with this Magento FB Store extension by Knowband.

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