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There may be several reasons why store owner needs to have full control over store customer registrations like limited member access or reduce spam by identifying genuine store customer. But Magento doesn’t contain any option that allows the store owner to manually approved store frontend registration from the backend.

Magento Pending Customer Extension by MageComp let store owner have full control over store frontend registration by allowing store owner manually approving all store customer using backend grid. The extension will automatically prohibit store access to the customer until an account is manually approved by Store admin.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Pending Customer Extension:

Backend option to enable or disable extension.
You can add your email address to get notified of each store registration.
Using backend option, you can select email template if needed.
Easy Backend grid management system approve or disapprove accounts.
The extension will automatically restrict frontend customer login until account gets approved.
You can also export or delete customer accounts using default Magento functionality.

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